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Reyerta is the name of my thesis project. It stands for duality and conflict and it represents the internal duel inside oneself. It is a return to the infancy and all the rituals and events that have shaped each person’s soul. Though a long and deep intellectual and creative process I developed a project based on the process and the artisan work as a way to express and maturate one’s own conflict and feelings. This concept was born from the constant need to express one’s sheer essence and the impossibility to transmit it by way of a generic and already-made language. In a global world where everything happens and change so fast, it is utterly essential to understand and comprehend yourself and conceive your own language to do so.


This work aims to depict the real battle in the midst of our own values and thoughts and symbolizes the symphonious caos of the mind through the metaphor of the artist laboratory, the only place where the creator can gather peacefully with his ideas and conceive something magnificent and trueborn.


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