Political Mouth

Policital Mouth is a learning tool that seeks to educate secondary school students about politics in an interactive way, so as to promote change in the future political landscape.

The idea of developing this tool was born from the need to provide kids with these soft-skills from such a young age as I believe this will allow them to feel more comfortable when participating within the political climate, encouraging them to take more action. In addition, this project addresses the idea of using social media, as instagram, for educational purposes.


This project it is just a simulation of how Political Mouth will work:

On the first hand, I developed the animation that would explain in a neutral way basic political concepts. To do this, I wanted to employ an aesthetic that would appeal to such an audience, so that they would consider it cool, and thus their interest in politics would change.

These videos would be periodically uploaded to an instagram social account: @politicalmouth.


On the other hand I designed and built a box. This is the physical element of the project, which would rotate through the secondary schools. These schools in the UK have weekly assemblies where the children meet and discuss issues outside the school curriculum. In these meetings, an episode of political mouth would be put on and the children could write their doubts on some papers and then discuss them with the teachers or on the contrary a specialized professional.

I had the opportunity to test the method in a school with a small group of ten children and the responses were very positive. The children showed interest in the animation and enjoyed watching it.


Product Design by Paula Martin 
Photography: Carlota Coiduras