MARTMA is the desire for a new beginning. It flows from the imaginary of human travelers, who explore and inhabit new and unknown planets. It is the idea of upcoming necessities and desires. It is the way out to and ideal new world. A Paradise. This aesthetica approach was first developed by the artistic group ZERO.

Otto Piene /main diffuser/, proposed this idea as an attempt to disclose a new creative atmosphere, free from the artistic limits from past generations. Piene dreamt about the birth of a new stage, which he defined with a minimalist style and with a strong influence from the italian Arte Povera. He called for the simplicity of the forms and colors, and the “unglamorous materials”, from regular use, often exposed in crazy and unusual juxtapositions. Works from the main artits as Otto PIENE, Lucio FONTANA, Yves KLEIN, Hans HAACKE y Piero MANZONI inspire the silhouettes, textures y and tones for this collection.


Styling, Art Direction and Creative Direction by Paula Martin 
Photography: Marina Navarro