35 mm


bella italia
albúm familiar




It was very important for me to include this section of analog photography in my portfolio. My interest in visual culture and communication goes back further than I can think of. I remember sitting on the old couch at my grandparents' house spending my afternoons in front of the TV watching black and white movies. Our favorites were those of Paco Martinez Soria.

I remember growing up soaked in all that film culture that narrated the Spain of the 80s and 90s. The costumbrismo and extravagance typical of this period, especially of the most rural Spain, has had a great influence on me when choosing my way of communicating.

Just as my grandfather awakened my interest in the world of the big screen, thanks to him and his analog camera that he left me as a legacy, I began to portray moments and places that somehow always remind me of those images I saw in those films. And these pictures are for me one of the main forms I have of communicate.